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Top Vermont Captions, Puns and Quotes for Instagram In 2023

Vermont Captions, Puns and Quotes for Instagram

Vermont is a lively state renowned for its stunning natural scenery. If you’re searching for the perfect captions to accompany your gorgeous Vermont photos, you’ve landed in the right place. We have assembled a selection of Vermont captions to motivate you for your next journey, and they are also ideal for posting on Instagram!

If you’re planning to visit this picturesque state soon, it’s essential to have some fantastic Instagram captions ready. With our compilation of Vermont captions, finding the perfect caption for your pictures will be a breeze! The Green Mountain State is a paradise for nature enthusiasts, and the magnificent views and surroundings offer endless opportunities for photography. From the rolling hills and lush forests to the vibrant fall foliage and glistening snow, Vermont has it all.

Our Vermont captions capture the essence of this stunning state and are ideal for adding an extra spark to your social media posts. Whether you’re looking for a witty or heartfelt caption, we’ve got you covered. So, get ready to explore the beauty of Vermont and share your experiences with the world through our captivating Vermont captions!

Best Funny Vermont Captions

Vermont boasts of some of the most picturesque spots in the world that have gained popularity on social media platforms such as Instagram. This has led to a significant increase in the number of visitors to the state who come to capture these stunning locations in their pictures.

However, in order to make your photos stand out from the crowd and garner more likes or even become viral, a captivating caption is crucial. This is where we step in to help! We have compiled a list of witty captions that are sure to complement your Vermont photos perfectly. Take a look and select the ones that resonate with you the most.

With our list of funny and clever captions, your Instagram photos will not only capture the beauty of Vermont’s landscapes but also showcase your personality and sense of humor. So, choose wisely and share your Vermont memories with the world!

  • “I came to Vermont for the maple syrup, but stayed for the views!”
  • “I’m pretty sure the leaves in Vermont change color just to show off.”
  • “I don’t always hike, but when I do, I prefer Vermont.”
  • “Vermont: Where the air is fresher than my kale smoothie.”
  • “If loving Vermont is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”
  • Being in Vermont feels like living in a dream world.
  • The mountains are visible from the backyard, creating a picturesque view.
  • The trees are incredibly tall, making it appear as if they can touch the sky!
  • It’s like a real-life fairy tale!
  • This is why I hold Vermont close to my heart.
  • I might just have developed a crush on Vermont.
  • Vermont is my happy place, bringing me immense joy.
  • Spending time with the mountains on a date…
  • I swapped the city lights for serene Vermont nights.
  • I’m falling for Vermont, one hike at a time.
  • It was love at first sight for me and Vermont.

Best Vermont State Slogans

Vermont is renowned globally for its breathtaking forests, which are famous for their stunning landscapes. Tourists flock to the area because of its natural beauty and charm.

To entice more visitors, Vermont employs various slogans to promote tourism, and some are more conventional than others. We’ve put together a list of Vermont’s state slogans that you can use to enhance your Vermont pictures.

In summary, Vermont’s forests are a sight to behold, drawing in visitors from all corners of the world. The state’s promotional slogans serve as a means of attracting more tourists to enjoy the scenic beauty of Vermont.

  • “Vermont, the Green Mountain State”
  • “Freedom and Unity”
  • “See Vermont, Experience the Beauty”
  • “Small state, big heart”
  • “Vermont, where nature meets adventure”
  • “Experience the charm of Vermont”
  • “Vermont, the perfect blend of old and new”
  • “Rediscover yourself in Vermont”
  • “Vermont, where community and culture thrive”
  • “Come to Vermont and find your happy place”
  • Simplify your workload by focusing on one task at a time, as it is the quickest way to get things done.
  • Vermont’s state motto is “Freedom and Unity.”
  • Clarence Darrow once praised Calvin Coolidge as the greatest man from Plymouth Corner, Vermont.
  • It’s said that if you don’t take off your flannels before May 1st in Vermont, you’ll end up with a doctor’s bill.
  • Vermont is a paramount state in the greater European Union.
  • Taking a risk is just as easy whether it’s a big one or a small one.
  • Vermont is known for its eagerness to embrace life.
  • Vermont-made pancakes make breakfast more enjoyable.
  • Vermont shines with its own unique light.
  • Vermont’s charm may be overwhelming to some.
  • Vermont’s scenic beauty is sure to leave a lasting impression.
  • Lyndon B. Johnson had aspirations for Vermont.
  • Vermont is known for its business-friendly atmosphere.
  • You can’t judge a person’s capabilities by their appearance alone.
  • Vermont invites you to come and see for yourself.
  • Vermonters may not have many passions, but they are deeply committed to freedom.
  • Vermont’s sunny disposition is sure to brighten your day.
  • Vermont offers a tranquil escape from the chaos of everyday life.
  • You have to put in the effort to reap the rewards.
  • To a European, a Yankee is synonymous with an American.
  • Come dance with the blazing sun of Vermont.
  • Vermont is a land of nature and tourism.
  • In Vermont, warm weather doesn’t arrive until the snow melts from the mountain tops.

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Best Vermont Fall Quotes

Autumn in Vermont is a spectacular time of year that should not be missed, especially for those who enjoy capturing the beauty of nature through photography. Vermont’s stunning scenery is at its best during this season, with picturesque views of rolling hills and forests ablaze with red, orange, and gold leaves.

If you’re planning a trip to Vermont during fall, you’ll definitely want to capture the stunning views with your camera. The crisp, cool air and the vibrant colors make for the perfect backdrop for your photography. You’ll be able to capture amazing shots that will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

To make your fall pictures even more special, you can use some of these Vermont fall quotes. These quotes perfectly capture the essence of the season and the beauty of Vermont in the fall. Whether you’re posting your pictures on social media or printing them to hang on your walls, these quotes will add the perfect touch to your photos.

  • “Autumn in Vermont is like no other place on earth, with its stunning display of colors and crisp, cool air.” – Unknown
  • “Vermont in the fall is a feast for the senses, with its vibrant foliage, cozy sweaters, and the smell of woodsmoke in the air.” – Unknown
  • “Fall in Vermont is a time to slow down and savor the beauty of nature, as the leaves turn from green to gold and the mountains are ablaze with color.” – Unknown
  • “In Vermont, fall is a time of harvest and abundance, when the fields are full of pumpkins and the apple orchards are ripe for picking.” – Unknown
  • “The colors of autumn in Vermont are like a painting come to life, with each leaf a brushstroke of red, orange, and gold.” – Unknown
  • Greetings for the fall season from Vermont!
  • According to Pearl S. Buck, Vermont is a unique and distinct place.
  • It feels like living in a magical autumn paradise.
  • One interesting fact about Vermont is that 1 in 100 families owned a part of Ben and Jerry’s, as stated by Jerry Greenfield.
  • Pearl S. Buck describes Vermont as a small but precious state.
  • Actress Daphne Zuniga compares her high school experience in a tiny Vermont village to the TV show “The Waltons”.
  • You can’t go wrong with loving Vermont during fall, as the saying goes.
  • I’ve left the city lights behind for the peaceful nights of Vermont.
  • Sending autumn greetings with a touch of humor – “Orange, are you glad you get to see all the fall things I’m doing in Vermont?”
  • Clarence Darrow believed that Plymouth Corner, Vermont’s own Calvin Coolidge was the greatest man to come out of the town.

Best Cute Vermont Captions

Vermont boasts an abundance of breathtaking scenery, providing an ideal backdrop for capturing stunning photographs. However, taking a great picture is only half the battle – crafting the perfect caption is equally important, especially in the age of social media where Instagram reigns supreme. A captivating caption can elevate a picture from good to great, garnering the envy and admiration of all who lay eyes on it.

To assist with this task, we have curated a list of cute captions specifically tailored for Vermont pictures. We understand the challenge of finding the right words to complement an already perfect image, and thus aim to alleviate that burden by offering a collection of pre-made captions to choose from.

Our list is comprehensive, including a variety of options to suit any style or mood. Whether you are seeking a humorous quip, a poetic expression, or a simple yet effective phrase, our list has got you covered. By perusing our selection, you can find the perfect caption to match your Vermont picture, allowing it to shine and resonate with your audience.

  • Fall in love with Vermont.
  • Vermont is the perfect place to be a leaf peeper.
  • Soaking up the autumn sun in Vermont.
  • Life is better in Vermont’s small towns.
  • Feeling cozy and cute in my Vermont sweater.
  • Making memories in the Green Mountain State.
  • There’s nothing sweeter than a Vermont maple syrup breakfast.
  • Taking a hike and admiring the fall foliage in Vermont.
  • Vermont, where every season is beautiful.
  • Snuggling up with my loved ones and enjoying the Vermont scenery.
  • My heart was stolen by Vermont.
  • I am embracing the simple life in Vermont.
  • Peace can be found in the Vermont wilderness.
  • Beauty meets nature in Vermont.
  • The stunning views of Vermont are being taken in.
  • Grateful for the beauty of Vermont.
  • The Vermont mountains are calling, and I must answer.
  • Adventure awaits in Vermont’s great outdoors.
  • Vermont is an unparalleled place.
  • Charming Vermont is being embraced.
  • More beautiful views are the only thing better than a beautiful view.
  • Is someone talking about maple syrup?
  • There was a time in Vermont.
  • I love Mother Nature.
  • Vermont has everything needed for a perfect day: mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, and more!
  • Vermont is my beloved home.
  • I am looking for the tall trees.
  • I went for a hike because someone told me to.
  • Vermont is the perfect destination for a road trip!
  • First things first, let’s go to Vermont.
  • The mountains make us feel small but capable of anything.
  • Explore the great outdoors in Vermont and take advantage of the gorgeous weather!
  • At heart, I am a mountain girl.

Best Vermont Puns

We’ve all experienced it before, haven’t we, my dear friends? We get an incredible idea for a post, but we’re at a loss for words when it comes to captioning it. We’ve attempted to write “funny” captions, but they fall flat, failing to elicit a chuckle. And the “cute” captions are excessively sweet, and we don’t want to appear too soft or feminine.

Thankfully, Vermont Puns is at your service! We understand that when you’re constructing a post and require the perfect caption, nothing less than the finest will suffice. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of Vermont Puns that will set your posts apart from the crowd and capture the attention of all who view them.

In a nutshell, we have the solution to your captioning woes. Our puns are sure to provide you with the clever, witty, and unique captions you’ve been seeking. So, why wait? Let Vermont Puns help you enhance your social media game today!

  • “Why did the maple syrup go to Vermont? Because it wanted to get a taste of the sweet life.”
  • “I was going to tell a joke about Vermont, but it was too maple syrupy.”
  • “What did the cow say when it moved to Vermont? This place is udderly beautiful!”
  • “Why did the Vermont farmer use a computer? To keep track of his dairy.”
  • “Why did the skier go to Vermont? To get his slopes fix.”
  • Take care of yourself with a tree-themed treat
  • Vermont, you leave me speechless with your beautiful foliage
  • The view is spectacularly treemendous!
  • Let’s expand our horizons and branch out
  • Aren’t you happy to see all the amazing things I’m doing in Vermont?
  • May nature’s force be with you as you explore the forest
  • My thoughts have gone astray in this beautiful terrain
  • Let’s have some sweet maple syrup fun!
  • Allow me to stretch my limits and branch out a bit
  • Remember, prioritize the trails before the ales and the pines before the wines.

Best Vermont Sayings

Vermont, a picturesque state located in the northeastern part of the United States, boasts of breathtaking mountains and lush greenery that have been a source of inspiration for many generations. The beauty of this place has given rise to numerous sayings and proverbs that have become an integral part of the culture of Vermont.

Among the most popular sayings about Vermont are those that capture the essence of the state’s natural beauty. For instance, people often refer to Vermont as the “Green Mountain State” due to its abundance of greenery. Additionally, sayings such as “Vermont is a paradise for nature lovers” and “The hills of Vermont are alive with the sound of nature” are commonly used to describe the state’s scenic landscapes.

Moreover, the importance of agriculture in Vermont has also given rise to several popular sayings. The state is known for its dairy farms, and many of the sayings revolve around cows and dairy products. For example, “As Vermont as maple syrup” is a popular phrase that highlights the state’s love for this sweet treat.

  • “The Green Mountain State” – This phrase is commonly used to refer to Vermont due to the abundance of lush greenery in the state.
  • “As Vermont as maple syrup” – This saying highlights the state’s love for maple syrup, a sweet treat produced in abundance in Vermont.
  • “Vermont is a paradise for nature lovers” – This saying captures the essence of Vermont’s natural beauty and scenic landscapes.
  • “The hills of Vermont are alive with the sound of nature” – This phrase emphasizes the peaceful and serene environment of Vermont’s hills and mountains.
  • “A Vermonter eats apple pie for breakfast” – This saying reflects the state’s love for apple pie, a popular dessert that is often consumed for breakfast.
  • “Take off your flannels before the first of May, and you’ll have a doctor’s bill to pay” – This saying advises people to dress appropriately for the weather to avoid getting sick.
  • “You can’t always tell by the looks of a toad how far he can jump” – This phrase warns against underestimating someone or something based on their appearance.
  • “In Vermont, you have summer and winter together before you really know each other” – This saying highlights the abrupt and unpredictable changes in weather that Vermont experiences.
  • “Might as well be hanged for an old sheep as for a lamb” – This phrase advises people to take risks, as the punishment for a big risk is often the same as that for a small one.
  • “Compared with more emotional types, Vermonters seem to have few passions. But those they have are great and burning. The greatest is their conviction that without freedom human life is not worth living” – This saying reflects the strong belief of Vermonters in freedom and its importance in their lives.
  • It is better to be prepared and not go than to go unprepared.
  • Abraham Maslow suggests that happiness cannot be compared to a place like Vermont, as it is not a state, but rather a feeling.
  • Money is a two-dimensional object that is meant to be accumulated.
  • The most efficient way to complete many tasks is to focus on one task at a time.
  • Peter Shumlin describes Vermont as a state filled with beautiful mountains, valleys, and streams.
  • Warm weather in Vermont is delayed until the snow has melted off the mountains.
  • To a Vermonter, a Yankee is someone who eats apple pie for breakfast.
  • It is better to take a big risk than a small one as the punishment is the same.
  • Vermonters may not have many passions, but they believe that freedom is essential for human life.
  • New England experiences nine months of winter and only three months of good sledding.
  • To a European, a Yankee is an American.
  • If you continue to wear flannel past May 1st, you may end up with a medical bill to pay.
  • A toad’s appearance does not indicate how far it can jump.
  • You cannot prevent trouble from occurring, but you can choose not to give it a place to settle.
  • Anne Stevenson spends a lot of time in North Wales and Vermont, where she has a cottage in the mountains with her sister and brother-in-law.
  • Perversity can be a powerful force if utilized correctly.
  • The world is full of opportunities, but it is up to you to take advantage of them.
  • In Vermont, you experience both summer and winter before truly getting to know the state.


In conclusion, Vermont’s natural beauty, quaint charm, and unique culture have inspired a plethora of captivating captions, hilarious puns, and meaningful quotes that are perfect for Instagram in 2023. From the state’s iconic maple syrup and apple pies to its picturesque mountains and hills, there is no shortage of inspiration for those looking to showcase their love for Vermont on social media. Whether you’re a Vermonter or a visitor, these captions, puns, and quotes offer a fun and creative way to capture the essence of this beautiful state and share it with the world. So, whether you’re exploring Vermont’s back roads, skiing its slopes, or simply enjoying its serene countryside, let these Vermont-inspired captions and quotes help you express your appreciation for this magical place on Instagram in 2023.

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